Breaking Up And Getting Back Together

Posted by datingmagazine at 06:12 AM on 12, Jun 2011 Filed under:Tips for newbies

Breaking up and getting back together can be a vicious cycle. It’s typically not healthy for the relationship either. While couples may need to take a break from each other once or twice in the span of a relationship, if it gets to the point where every fight leads to the threat of a break, it may be time to let it go. If you don’t think this type of relationship is detrimental, then here are some things you may want to think about.

Worsening Problems

In relationships where people often break up and get back together, the underlying issues are only exacerbated. Since instead of working through whatever issues you had, you walked away. You may have had time to cool down, but nothing was resolved. So whatever issues created the tension to begin with are still there, and the next time they come up they will be much worse.

Getting Help

Often the only way to break this cycle is to seek outside help. After being in these relationships for any length of time it becomes an abnormal pattern, similar to an addiction. Finding a therapist will not only help you deal with getting out of a bad relationship, they can help you with esteem issues. Most people who have been involved in these types of on again – off again relationships will end up developing self esteem issues. This is part of the reason the ‘on again’ keeps happening. Find a therapist who is willing to work on a sliding scale through your local mental health department.

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