Dating Tips For Men By Women

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Dating tips for men by women can really be something that can help a guy get a better understanding of what a woman is looking for in her date with a guy. Sometimes, it helps to get a different perspective on how to impress a woman on a date.

Be Yourself

While this may sound cliché, they are words to live by. Pretending that you are somebody else is only going to end badly. If the woman is impressed with you, then you are going to end up having to come clean eventually, or keep up the charade for as long as the relationship lasts. However, if the woman is not impressed with your fake persona, then there is a good chance she would have liked you for who you are.

Be A Gentleman

Chances are the woman that you are going on a date with is not going to get offended because you open the door for her or compliment her on the way that she looks. There are very few women alive that won’t appreciate a guy that can make her feel good. She is going to be a lot more likely to enjoy herself if you treat her like a lady.


Laying it on too thick is something that is a major turn off. A compliment or two is fine but there is no need to compliment everything that she says or does. This will get old fast. If you sense that she is getting uncomfortable, take a breath and relax.

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