Dating Tips For Shy Guys

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There are a lot of different dating tips for shy guys. You will find that just because you are shy does not necessarily mean that you can’t date. There are ways to working around your shyness and being able to ask people out on dates. Keep in mind that a lot of people are shy, this does not mean that they are single or that they are alone.


Dating online is something that a lot of people do whenever they are shy. You will find that this will allow you to get to know somebody without having to worry about seeing them face to face until you are more comfortable with them. Most people will be able to come out of their shell once they have had the chance to talk to a person more.

Group Dates

If you are going out with somebody and you are nervous that your shyness will affect the date, then you can go out on a group date. It will be less apparent that you are shy as the spotlight will not be on you as much. If the group that you are out with consists of your friends you will more than likely have a much better time being able to let loose a little.


Everybody needs a wingman, especially a person who is shy. You will find that being able to have a guy help you out with talking to a girl and helping you to open up a bit can really be helpful.

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