Dating Tips For Women By Men

Posted by datingmagazine at 09:01 AM on 30, Oct 2010 Filed under:Dating Tips

Dating tips for women by men can really help a woman to understand what it is that a guy would prefer for a woman to do and what not to do on a date. Many women think that they do not need any help when it comes to advice on a date. However, a lot of women are making mistakes that they are not even realizing.

You Look Fine

Chances are the first outfit that you put on you looked great in. Also, your hair looks much better than you think. You don’t need to spend three hours getting ready. This will only get you stressed out before the date. We want you to enjoy yourself and not worry and fuss about your looks.

Take A Compliment

If a guy compliments you, take it. There is no need for you to argue with him or try to nitpick the compliment to death. Simply accept the fact that he thinks that you are attractive, say thank you and move on. It is true that a guy likes a girl that is not full of herself. However, you need to have some self esteem.

Reach For The Check

At least let the guy know that you are willing to pay. It really is something that will mean a lot to a guy. It shows that you are not expecting him to have to worry about everything. It will take the pressure off of the guy a little bit, even if he does pay.

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