Preparation For The First Date

Posted by datingmagazine at 10:55 AM on 27, Apr 2011 Filed under:Tips for newbies

Whether you are a guy or a girl, preparing for the first date is something that can really be stressful, if you let it. You will find that being able to know a few tricks and hints will really help you to not stress out too much whenever you are preparing for the first date.

First Instinct

Both men and women are guilty of trying on multiple outfits and taking up way too much time getting ready. Most of the time, your first outfit that you picked out was the best one. The ones that you pick after it are riddled with over thinking and stress. Chances are your date is not going to worry that much about your outfit.


Nerves are something that can really end up causing you to not have a very good time on your date. Look at it this way, your date is more than likely just as nervous as you are. Remember, no matter how attractive or smart or funny they are they are just a person. Don’t allow a person to get you so riled up that you can’t have fun.

Enjoy Your Date

Make sure that you actually get to know your date while you are with them. Ask them questions about themselves and tell them about yourself as well. Think of things that you want to know about them while you are getting ready, it will help you to have better conversation. Don’t have a planned speech or anything, just try to think of some easy questions to ask.

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